We facilitate students to learn by doing because we believe that learning happens beyond the four walls of the classroom and students can gain meaningful knowledge and skills only when they get hands on experience in real life situations.

There are millions of students who wish to get meaningful internship every year and we at Edu-Connect aim to be a platform for students where they can connect with organisations for short term internship opportunities.

We want to enable International students to discover and get notified about the best opportunities available in INDIA for internship.

So if you can read and write English and are willing to work in INDIA there is lot Edu-Connect can assist you with and help you make your internship a memorable experience

Who we are

We are a group of professionals with background in both NGO and corporate sector which we leverage to identify and set up meaningful internships which are a win-win for both the student intern as well as for the host organisation.

What do we do?

We are a one stop information Centre for students desirous of interning in India -:

  • We have a pool of Organizations who are willing to host international Internships, we help you connected to the right one.
  • All your logistics can be taken care completely by Edu-Connect, right from a pick up from the airport to finding you affordable lodging and boarding options in India.
  • India is a beautiful country, and to help you explore it better. Edu- Connect can be one stop centre for any information you need about staying, travelling and experiencing India.

If you are an Organization and looking for International Interns -:

  • We help you crystallise your internship programme – We will sit with you, understand your requirements and match it with the right candidate from our pool of applicants.
  • We help you find the right candidate – Once the requirements are finalized we will create a pool of eligible candidates. Post that you can search, shortlist and select the finalize the applicant.
  • We take care of the student’s logistics – Once the student has been selected, we can facilitate logistics, from a pick up from the airport to a to a room to stay we can help in making the whole internship programme a memorable experience for both, the organization and the students.

To sum it all we at Edu-Connect provide customized internship placements, extraordinary customer service, and a great value.

Know more about our personalized package.

Why International Internship in India ?

India is world’s most populous democracy and has a rich cultural and economic heritage. It is emerging as a most fast growing nation and is known for its excellence in major industries, like IT, entertainment, and engineering in addition to its rich traditional industries based on craft and also is a vibrant democracy with a very diverse milieu.

There are a number of intense and immersive internships available in every conceivable field of study for graduate and postgraduate students from anywhere in the world. English is widely known and used and anyone with basic knowledge of English can very comfortably intern in India.

IAn International internship in India will provide students with the chance to successfully learn a great deal about Indian culture in addition to technical exposure and also help them to adapt to new customs and make many new connections.

Could there be a better place to set off your exploration into international work experience?


Why Edu-Connect?

We are a platform where the student opportunities are facilitated with meaningful connections with organisations. We aim to understanding the needs of the students and connecting them to the requirement of the organization, benefiting both the student and the organization finding the right match.

We aim to build leadership potential in youth through professional internship, enabling both employers and organisations in India to connect to global talent. We see that there are immense opportunities in India for students to come and experience and see for themselves what India has to offer.

  • Edu-Connect is a one stop information centre to all the needs of students who are interested in an internship in India.
  • Edu-Connect help you find the right kind of organisations to intern with.
  • Edu-Connect can assist you as soon as they land in India, right from a pick up at the airport to find affordable lodging and boarding options in India.
  • International Internship in India for NGOs
  • Summer NGO in India, Internship with NGOs in India

Lessen your overhead and administration time by asking us to find interns for you .We will save you time, get you connected to the right candidate for internship and help you strengthen your talent channel. Edu-Connect is a platform where student opportunities are facilitated with meaningful connections with organisations.

  • Edu-Connect helps you create and manage internship opportunities in – We will sit with you , understand your organization and help you create scope of internship. Assist you identify the areas where international intern could bring in new ideas.
  • Facilitate finding the right match for the opportunity – On identifying and is finalising the requirements, we at Edu-Connect will create and share a pool of eligible applicants. Assist you to search, shortlist, select and finalize the applicant.
  • We take care of the student’s logistics – Once the student has been selected, we can assist with the logistics requirements of the interns eg. a pick up from the airport, arranging a place to stay for the intern.. etc. We welcome and support the interns in order to help them to be as dynamic as possible.

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What next?

Whether you have an ongoing internship programme or you are thinking about one, allow us some of your precious time to discuss and plan out an internship programme catering to your organizational needs with the best of International talent.
Write to us educonnect1015@gmail.com

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We would like to hear from you

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